Saba Qamar Bilal Saeed video Masjid WAZIR KHAN

SABA QAMAR BILAL SAEED VIDEO MASJID WAZIR KHAN 2020 – Saba Qamar and Bilal Saeed have left fans confused with their latest post. Sharing a picture of themselves at Wazir Khan Masjid, Lahore, Saba and Bilal wrote, “Qubool Hai” in the caption without going into further details.

LAHORE: A video of song and dances of actress Saba Qamar and singer Bilal Saeed within the historic mosque ‘Masjid Wazir Khan’ within the city under the administration of the Punjab Auqaf and spiritual Affairs department went viral on social media, which has drawn strong reactions from social and spiritual circles, Pakistan Today has learnt.

An official of the department, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that a production house had been given permission for the shooting within the mosque by the Assistant Director Tableegh e Tarbiyyat but the upper ups of the department were kept unaware of the shooting of the dance. However, the assistant director claimed that he had given permission for the Nikkah scene.

The official added that when the dance shooting started, the mosque administration should have stopped it in and of itself activities don’t seem to be allowed in mosques.


He said that the shooting befell within the main chambers of Wazir Khan Mosque and complaints of dancing and singing within the mosques under Auqaf department are received within the past still.

The official believed that if the video had not been uploaded on Tik Tok by Saba Qamar, perhaps nobody would have known about the incident. However, a departmental inquiry has been initiated by the Director-General Religious Affairs and Secretary of the department against the assembly house and people responsible.


The official added that within the past, a ban was imposed in Badshahi Mosque because the department received complaints of dance and inappropriate photography there, but now the ban has been relaxed again.

According to the official, thanks to the historical status and wonder of Wazir Khan Mosque, many of us wont to come here for Nikkah ceremonies but the mosque administration was also strictly instructed by the department to not allow inappropriate photography within the premises of the mosque.

He informed that there was a correct procedure to grant permission before even the routine photography of the mosque and little question the said shooting occurred with the consent of the mosque administration.

However, social media users also reacted strongly to the video going viral and demanded action against the concerned officials and said that immediate action should be taken against those that violated the sanctity of spiritual places of worship.

Speaking to Pakistan Today, Secretary Auqaf Dr. Irshad Ahmed said that a departmental inquiry has been initiated against the incident and strict action would be taken against those responsible.

Provincial Minister for Auqaf and spiritual Affairs Syed Saeed Al Hassan Shah told Pakistan Today that they had taken notice of the video. “The department has ordered the suspension of the responsible officials. The report is going to be submitted in 3 days after the inquiry. Such irresponsible incidents won’t be tolerated in any respect. The sanctity of mosques, holy places of worship is maintained.”

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