Learn Angel Wings Drawing With simple steps

Learn Angel Wings Drawing With simple steps

Learn Angel Wings Drawing With simple steps

Step by Step 

Angel Wings Drawing Is a time tested process. Angel wings drawing is a real fun activity. This Art Was start in Egypt. Angels are Spiritual creatures rather than material. If you have enough knowledge of painting and sketching, you can draw angel wings easily. But if you do not have enough knowledge of the art of designing, then you have to follow this tutorial. because in this tutorial, I’m gonna show you how you learn angel wings drawing. So follow it step by step.

How To Draw Angel Wings?

Requered Tools

Colored pencils, marker, cotter pen, and a piece of paper

Step 1

Learn Angel Wings Drawing With simple steps wings-1

Draw a curvy line Diagonal S-Shaped.
That, you have to put a mirror image on the opposite side of the page. Mirror image means you have the same diagonal s-shaped line but the opposite side of the first one. Now It looks like a Mug. These lines should be in the form of the top edge of each wing.

Step 2

From the uppermost point of each line draw a curved line, angling toward down diagonally. At the end of the curved line draw another line looking like a U-turn. Draw another Sideways U-turn Shaped line at the end of the letter. These lines should be from the head to tail theory.
Repeat this process on the other side of the page, on the mirror image gradually.

Step 3

Connect a series of curved u shaped lines with the tail of the original line. Repeat this process the same with a mirror image on the other side of the paper.

Step 4

Connect U shaped lines with original lines at the bottom point.
Repeat The same process with a mirror image on the opposite side of the page.

Step 5

Across the upper side of the wing, draw a connected, series of U-shaped curve lines that adding more features to the wings. Extend the last curved line to the tip of the uppermost flight of the original line. Repeat the same on the other side of the paper.

Step 6

In the original side of the page, in the center, draw a series of short connected curve lines, and u shaped lines. Those lines adding additional texture to the wings. Repeat the same on the other hand.

Step 7

Add a short series of connected, u shaped lines curving to the lower inner portion of each wing, that indicates the texture of small features at the basic point of each wing. Draw a connected, u shaped series, starts from the bottom of the original line and ends at the midsection of the line. Do the Same on the other side.

Step 8

Draw another series of u shaped lines, extending from the middle of the wing, allow them to be more pointed, detailed with one or two short. those curved lines should extend to the base of wing. Repeat The same on the mirror image.

Step 9

Add too many short curved lines at the lower point of the wing, to make the wing dashing and good-looking. Repeat the same on another side of the paper.
Just imagine that a human body in the center of original and mirror image lines, I’m sure you will be satisfied and be proud of your creation.
Thanks for learning. Goodbye!

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